About Us

Luna Vida Botanica is a line of all-natural body products, created to offer you natural pain relief and healing. All our creations are made with love and intent, and incorporate the healing magic of Copaiba oil. Many of our plant components are grown and cared for year round, in our own garden. We take into account the cycles of the moon and the energy held and created during these cycles. With respect for sustainable practices, we aim to connect people to the natural world through botanical rituals of self-care. We are proud to offer you products that combine high grade healing botanicals with soothing aromatherapy to tend to your body and your well-being.

At Luna Vida Botanica, our direction is strongly guided by the transformational practices of alchemy, and honouring our witchy, earth-goddess powers as women. We aim to integrate the healing properties of

plant medicine, while calling in the energies of the moon. It is commonly believed in many cultures that working rituals in alignment with the moon phases can bring about physical or psychological shifts or changes; a type of magic that we aim to infuse into each Luna Vida product.

About Copaiba:

Copaiba is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils on the planet. Copaiba is a genus of about 35 species of trees found in South America. Trunks of these rainforest giants are tapped to drain resin, a process that does not affect their growth or vitality. A single Copaiba tree can provide upwards of 40 litres of oil annually without destroying the tree, making it a sustainable rainforest resource. This herbal remedy is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory healer that mimics and rivals CBD.

Cara Long

Luna Vida Bontanica is the result of perseverance and heart of founder, Cara Long. For over eight years, Cara invested her efforts into building and expanding Cannalife Botanicals, a cannabis topical and medicinal company. Since the beginning, her clients have spoken highly of the quality and effectiveness of her products. Unfortunately, the changes in legalization put great restrictions on access to cannabis for small businesses.

Cara was determined to continue offering plant medicine for therapeutic and self-care use. Through research with operations manager, Rachelle Peters, she came across the essential oil of Copaiba,

We are beyond excited to offer you our products and help you achieve pain management, healing and self-care.