LVB Jointment Full Moon Infusion

Over the last beautiful harvest moon we infused the ingredients for our LVB Jointment; a warming balm created to alleviate nerve, muscle and joint pain.

We use glass bottles and premium Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to infuse herbs honouring traditional methods in rhythm with the moon cycles. Our LVB Joinment features the healing medicine of Comfrey, Devil’s Club and Nettle.

We make our remedies during the potent phases of the moon depending on what aspects we wish to conjure into the medicine. 

The Moon has an ethereal and powerful energetic quality bringing a unique synergy, receptivity and transformation to any infusion. The full-moon is a time of abundance, maturation, and realization.  Thoughts, dreams and ideas can come to fruition to encourage healing on all levels. Our herbal infusions are set outside on full moon evenings within a protective crystal grid. 

There is an innate rhythm that takes place when remedy-making coincides with the cycles of the Moon. It is an ancient practice that connects deeply to the earth, our ancestors, the plants and the cosmos.

Each phase of the Moon carries a unique energetic imprint: remedies made with the phases of the Moon can enhance their healing qualities. We invite you to make your own infusions and teas during this time. If you want to be a bit more precise in your brews, you can choose to infuse them during a specific moon phase. 

New Moon: The time for shadow work and going to the depths and also a time of new beginnings and setting intentions. Brew remedies to provoke revelation and transitioning into new ways of seeing. 

New Moon moving into Crescent Moon: A great time for stimulating infusions as the power of the brew will increase with the Moon’s waxing. This time is stimulating, warming, energizing, alternative and restorative. Create remedies for new beginnings, and to embody vitality.

Waxing (1st) Quarter Moon + Gibbous Moon: Best time for brewing daily tonics that are both building and nutritive in nature. These fusions will work wonders to alleviate stagnation. 

Full Moon: The Moon is at the peak of its maturation and power, offering a well-rounded transformative energy. A time for making any kind of remedy. 

Disseminating & Waning (3rd) Quarter Moon: Relaxing nervines, sleep aides, cooling bitters, and remedies that disperse excess energy. Grounding and relaxing remedies do well when made during this phase. 

May your Moon infusions be successful and full of enchantment.

Try our LVB Jointment for yourself and enjoy the benefits of healing, anti inflammatory herbs and ingredients infused using the power of the moon.

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