Luna Vida Botanica


Honouring the Moon

We honour the comforting light that shines in the darkness of uncertainty. Thank you for your teachings of reflection, illumination, fulfillment and the timeless practice of letting go. 

Veneration for the moon is embedded in the heart of LVB founder, Cara. The Moon is the leading inspiration for Luna Vida (which means Moon Life in Spanish). She is a universal symbol of intuition, feminine vitality, and receptivity – and these are all amazingly worthy qualities for anyone to emulate.  

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The Moon teaches us about connection and relationship. It just so happens that the Earth and the Moon share a mutual centre of gravity that orbits around the Sun. Fortunately for inhabitants on our planet, the rotation of Earth is in fact slowed through the tidal interactions with the Moon. Without this reduction in speed, our days would be a mere 6 hours long, with faster winds, stronger storms and severe implications on photosynthesis, animal hunting and sleep cycles.
We are gifted with a pace that is sustainable for life on this planet, and it is our own work to apply a gentler approach to our day-to-day relationship to ourselves. 

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