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Pampering Yourself This Winter

The winter can be rough up here in Canada – lack of sun, short days, endless nights and either endless rain (if you’re on the coast like us) or brutal cold. This combo can take the skip out of even the happiest people’s step.

We believe that the prescription for dealing with winter is to do a few things:
Get outside and soak up the fresh air.
Play in the snow, hit the hills and go skiing, grab a pair of snowshoes and head out on a trail, whatever gets you outside and clears your head. Seize those daylight hours and use them to your advantage.
Call in coziness.
Now is the time to hibernate, crawl under the covers, wear big sweaters, drink Bailey’s & Coffees, curl up by a fire and rejuvenate. We don’t have feel guilty about the time we spend inside just being cozy – we have all summer to play. Take your downtime and release any guilt you feel about relaxing and unwinding.
Pamper yourself.
This is what our blog is about – use the cold and dark weather to allow yourself time for reflection, healing, body & soul nourishment and pampering. Bath time, spa time, massages, adoring your own body. Spending time with yourself and on yourself can elevate your mood and make you feel like a brand new human.

Ideas for winter pampering:

Take a luxurious bath.
There is nothing like a warm bath with some candles, music and some great bath products to make you feel heavenly. We offer 4 different blends of healing BATH SOAKS to help you achieve maximum relaxation. Our ELEMENTS BATH SOAKS are made with Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts plus high quality essential oils for pain relief, detox and cell rejuvenation. Pour some in your bath to help you unwind and relax, creating an at-home spa experience.

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Have a massage.
This can obviously be done professionally or at home, if you’re saving money. We suggest that after you’ve had a luxurious bath, you give yourself (or better yet someone gives you) a healing rub down with our MASSAGE OILS. These oils were formulated with Apricot Kernel Oil, which is known for its ability to revitalize and moisturize dehydrated skin, perfect for aprés bath time. We add oil of Copaiba which is highly anti inflammatory and will help relax sore muscle, plus offer 3 different blends of essential oils depending on what aromatherapy effect you’re needing: Soothing, Balancing or Grounding.
We recommend bringing your favourite bottle to a massage therapist to get an extra special spa experience,

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Treat your face.
One of our top favourite things we do to unwind is to roll our face with a ROSE QUARTZ FACE ROLLER and then massage in some heavenly FACE OIL. This combo is seriously amazing and it’s hard not to relax after giving yourself 10 – 20 minutes of this treatment. First we suggest placing your Face Roller in the freezer for 5 minutes to get it nice and cold while you wash your face, then put on some candles and recline. Take the cold roller and starting from your jawline, roll from the centre, outwards, all the way up one side of your face until you reach the top of your forehead. Then, starting at the middle, do the same for the other side. You can then go down to your chest and repeat the process up to your neck. Once your face is feeling next level fabulous, apply some LVB FACE OIL and massage it into your beautifully prepped skin. We suggest sweeping upwards with your fingers from brow line to hairline, then follow with circular motions from the sides of your nose, along your cheekbones, out towards your ears. Add a gentle tap under the eyes from the inner corner out (use ring or pinkie finger to apply softer pressure) and continue by making circular motions beginning at your chin outwards towards the base of your ears. Finish by sweeping upwards from your collarbones to your jaw line. Oooh la la, you’re going to look and feel like a million dollars, honey.

IMG 1727

Finish off with your favourite scent.
What feeling would you want to call in after you’ve unwound and fully relaxed? We love to use our ELEMENTS ROLL ONS to invoke whatever feeling we’re needing in the moment. Try rolling these scents on your temples, neck and inner wrists, then lie back and breathe in the essential oil blends created to transport you. Our Roll Ons come in EARTH: for grounding, balancing and relaxing. AIR: For awakening, uplifting and inspiring. FIRE: For a sweet, warm and spicy experience and WATER: which is soothing, dreamy, delicious. These can help round out your unwinding experience to it’s fullest you can melt back, release and relax.

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We hope the above gives you some ideas to try out for yourself and we wish you the happiest of pampering!

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