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Full Moon Bathing Ritual

Indulge in a Full Moon Bathing Ritual. Tonight is the Full Moon in Aquarius, an ultimate water sign.

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What is a ritual? Sounds like we’re burning effigies or sacrificing virgins!

“A ceremony consists of a series of actions performed in a specific order with a clear intention.”

We here at Luna Vida Botanica run on moon magic and the natural rhythms of the earth. We love to create products during full moon and new moon for either releasing energy or setting intentions. Since the full moon is tonight we wanted to offer you an idea for holding your own full moon ceremony.

In the modern world humans have often lost contact with the earth’s energies and have lost connection with ceremony. Creating your own rituals on the full moon and new moon can help you feel reconnected with the Earth’s ebbs and flows and your own purpose.

By doing a full moon ritual, you are taking control of your power and preparing your subconscious for transformation. This transformation will continue to work for you throughout the month, helping to propel you forward in your growth.

Let go of any ideas that your ritual needs to be exact or match things you’ve read about or heard. There are no rules, only suggestions. Don’t feel pressured to make them look or feel like anyone else’s rituals. These are for you, created by you.

We’re feeling luxurious baths these days, that help us unwind and give us a deep sense of connection within our own mind and body. We wanted to offer a bathing full moon bathing ritual that you can easily do at home.

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Getting started:

  1. Track the next full moon. Track the moon’s cycles and plan for the next full moon. We suggest getting a Moon app for your phone that will easily alert you to the moon’s cycles. Or get a great calendar that lists the moon’s cycles so you can keep track.
  1. Define your desires. What are your current struggles? What do you need to let go of? Which of your skills do you need to draw on and amplify? It helps to write down what’s on your mind so you can focus on your intentions for the ritual.
  2. Set your Intention. Once you’ve written or journaled to help focus your mind, set an intention that’s your goal for the ritual. What’s the purpose? What do you want to achieve from the ceremony? Are you letting go of something that’s no longer useful to you or are you calling in some powers that need to be amplified within you? Write this intention out on a piece of paper that you can bring to your ceremony space.
  3. Gather some symbolic or special objects. Choose objects from around your home that call to you when you keep your intention in mind: from crystals to statues, jewelry, photos, flowers, herbs – these can be anything that will feel good to have in your ceremony space.
  4. Create your ceremonial space. In this case, we are using our bathtub as the altar space – setting the clear intention that for this time, this space is sacred and important. You can smudge the area, play music, clap your hands together envisioning white light surrounding the air, whatever calls to you. Place your symbolic objects in or around your space.
  5. Prepare your ritual. Fill your bath keeping your Full Moon Intention in mind. Light some candles and turn off any harsh lighting. Bonus if the light of the full moon is coming in your window to light up your bath, glorious! Add your favorite Luna Vida Botanica Bath Soak to your bath. We’ve chosen WATER, which is our favourite blend, featuring Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Neroli, Fennel and Vanilla. You can also add some extra elements to your bath to amplify the experience – we’ve chosen to add rose quartz crystals to our bath, just a few small, smooth ones and some rose petals to make us feel even more like a Queen. More is more, lovers! The full moon will elevate and amplify the bath soaks healing and soothing powers so the entire bath should feel more powerful for your body and mind.
  6. Begin your ritual. Enter your bath and keep your intention in your mind. Close, your eyes, do some breath work, study the light from a candle, sing, dunk under the water and hold your breath – again, this is YOUR ritual, what calls to you and resonates within you? Follow your heart. 
  7. Symbolically close your ritual. No matter how you choose to design your ritual, always symbolically close it. Your unconscious mind needs to understand that the ritual is over and leaving the ceremony open sends confusing signals to your unconscious mind. Closing your ritual is simple and is intuitively yours. Some examples mights be, blowing out your candles while thinking “So it may be”, letting the water drain from your bath while you sing a song that resonates with you, or gathering all your symbolic objects together in a basket, covering them with fabric and saying, thank you. You could also go out to face the full moon and give it a bow or thank it for its magnetic energy.

All of the above sound too hippy, dippy for you? Make your ritual super simple and straight forward. Even lighting a candle, holding an intention in your mind then blowing it out to end the ritual is powerful and clear. Again what works for some may not work for others. 

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