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LVB Face Oil

With the winter season fast approaching, you might already be experiencing the effects of colder weather and a decline in the radiant glow of your summer skin. Low humidity can draw moisture from the upper most layers causing it to dry out. And overly dry air can also cause flare-ups of existing skin problems, including eczema and acne. With a little help from Luna Vida’s Face Oil, you can welcome the return of the luminosity you were so accustomed to a few short months ago.

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Who it’s for:

Anyone seeking clear, hydrated skin, with a luminous complexion

What it does:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil contains beneficial vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein. It helps skin retain elasticity, clarity and suppleness
  • Jojoba Oil nourishes and prevents dryness
  • Evening Primrose Oil leaves skin looking younger and healthier
  • Rosehip Oil adds powerful antioxidant properties
  • Neroli combats signs of aging
  • Ylang Ylang, meaning “flower of flowers,” is a natural skin balancer that can correct both dry and oily skin; beneficial when treating acne
  • Collectively, the omegas found in this blend strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, while Vitamins A, E and C provide antioxidant protection
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How we use it:

– Apply 2-3 drops on clean, moist face morning and night

– Add a few drops of oil into foundation for a luminous glow or use as a makeup primer

– For convenience, add a few drops of oil to your current moisturizer to boost your skincare regimen

– Nurture yourself with a gentle face massage

At Luna Vida, we believe strongly in the practices of self-care, no matter how simple. Using LVB Face Oil for massage increases the absorption rate and stimulates the muscles of the face inviting more oxygen, blood flow, collagen production, creating a healthy and naturally illuminating complexion. But do you know what we think is even more beneficial? Connecting you to you! Massage tends to the needs of the physical body and offers us the gift of our own attention. The power of touch is like a portal to the present, where we can be lead by the heart’s intuition rather than the critiquing mind.

Make some space in your day to enjoy the experience of touch. Set a quiet tone, tap into the cadence of your own breath and allow yourself to be guided by sensation.

Reference these instructions as a general outline. Remember to trust when your intuition takes over and allow the massage to cater to your own unique needs.

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Face Massage How To:

In all applications, work from the centre to the periphery to smooth and stimulate:

Begin by sweeping upwards with your fingers from brow line to hairline

Follow with circular motions from the sides of your nose, along your cheekbones, out towards your ears

Gentle tap under the eyes from the inner corner out (use ring or pinkie finger to apply softer pressure)

Make circular motions beginning at your chin outwards towards the base of your ears

Finish by sweeping upwards from your collarbones to your jaw line

LVB Face Oil is an exotic potion containing aromatic seed and botanical essential oils. Ingredients are mindfully sourced from around the world to cleanse, hydrate and regenerate your skin. The foundation of this blend is Apricot and Jojoba: carrier oils that have the capacity to not only moisturize at the surface, but also penetrate deep into the dermis layers, leaving your face feeling tended to and refreshed. Dull skin is transformed when met with these premium grade oils.

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